Visits for general public

  • Self-guided tour (you will receive a map on arrival), wine tasting, boutique.

4€ per person, all the year.

Discover the scenery of the Loire valley through a self-guided visit. You will see how our park highlights the rich biodiversity and the fundamental role of a balanced ecosystem. You will see how respecting this gentle balance contributes to a terroir of great quality. Take the path that leads you up into the vineyard, then come back down into the English style garden, and arrive finally in the castle’s vegetable garden. You will encounter a rich and varied array of flora and fauna.

The visit of the grounds and vines of the Château des Vaults is a perfect introduction to the nature that surrounds the castle, a gentle walk during which you will taste nature will all your senses. The slopes that lead up to the vines, the ponds, the wildlife, the flowers; through this nature the queen of vines, Vitis Vinifera, flourishes.

As you tour around the grounds, marvel as the sun glints upon the quartz and the rhyolite underfoot. If you look closely, you may see the magical leaps of springtails; the ravenous beetles; the cruel and mysterious pseudoscorpions hunting; the bustling activity of 500 000 centipedes per square metre. Is there still a woodlouse, a rootworm beetle: have they been eating by bats or fireflies???

In the cool shade of the 200 year old plane trees you may meet the mallard who squawks and quacks as he fusses around the pond that comes and goes with the seasons, under the keen stare of the grey heron, majestically perched on the immense Lebanese ceder.
Who is the woodpecker teasing with his incessant pecking? It is Rainette the frog, still waiting to be turned back into a charming prince!

After this delightful stroll, you will understand the secret behind great wines: life itself!

  • Guided tours and prestige tasting workshops

Uniquely by reservation

Throughout the year, come and discover the domaine with a guided tour. Many different themes are presented: the concept of terroir, biodiversity, birds and insects, geology, the park and its plants from around the world. Learn about the AOC Savennières, organic and biodynamic viticulture; we will explain our philosophy about winemaking during a commented tasting of our range of wines.

  • Short stay packages

Enjoy a relaxing time with our packages, including a tour, a tasting session and accommodation..