Savennières appellation

Savennières appellation is a Grand Cru of the Loire Valley, located 15km south-west of Angers. It is a small appellation comprising 130 hectares and 36 winemakers. Popular with sommeliers, buyers, importers and independent merchants, and passionate amateurs, it remains a niche area and produces rare and unique wines (very low yield - 4000hl/year).
The vineyards stretch over three gentle slopes of schist on the right banks of the Loire, and overlook the Layon area. It is certainly the most fascinating wine-making area that the Loire Valley offers.

The vineyards of Chateau des Vaults extend over slopes which are perpendicular to the Loire, giving them an exceptional south-west facing position. The nature of the soil and sub-soils is incredibly rich and complex, making it perfect for producing high quality wines. The soil is shallow, very hot, and the subsoil is made up of purple and green schist, red sandstone and a mixture of volcanic rocks (quartz, phthanites and organic matter).

The AOC for Savennières contains strict regulations concerning the vinification. Chenin is the only authorised grape variety; harvesting is done carefully by hand, resulting in very low yields.