Research, tradition and innovation

Since my arrival at the vineyard in 2011, I have had the opportunity to participate in many, high quality, technical seminars. The Terroir unit at INRA had just completed an exemplary work with the “Atlas of Anjou Terroirs”. Led for many years by Clement Baraut, the research & development unit at the chamber of agriculture helped us progress towards organic farming, and later into biodynamics with remarkable individuals such as Pierre Masson, and Dominique Massenot. We have most recently been in collaboration with François Dal who is doing pioneering research in wood diseases, which are ravaging vines as we speak. Working the ground, using plants and insects, the quality of biodynamic preparations, the aromatic componants of wine (with Maurice Chassin) are all subjects we have been able to learn about during these many training courses. In 2014, we put together a working group of organic winemakers to study grape maturity with Vivelys, and Diostème software. Certain winemakers among us are able to successfully vinify without the addition of sulphites ; others have mastered their tilling techniques, and plant growth through shared experimentation. Indeed, there is a long, ongoing research project led by Patrick Baudouin and other Chenin specialists.
Here in Anjou we like tradition yet we are constantly striving to innovate to provide the most excellent expression of our terroir.

As president of Savennières for 6 years, I searched for ways to improve our communication : through events, through social networks and online presence. I also worked on improving the content of our AOC for sommeliers and journalists.