Les Insolites

VERDELHO DE MADERE - Eau de pluie 2018 – Half-dry white
The Verdelho is a fruity grape that appeared in Anjou in the 18th century. This is a rare wine, born from the light of the Loire river and the slate of the hills.

CHENIN BLANC - Belle Dame 2017- 100 % chenin blanc
Our vineyard has totally frozen in 2017. The chenin blanc of this wine migrated from the south of the Loire to Savennières. It gave birth to this fine wine, delicate like a butterfly wing, impertinent, full in citrus aromas.

CABERNET SAUVIGNON - Rosalia 2018 – Fruity red wine
A light red wine made with old vines of Cabernet Sauvignon that grows on the plateau. It has fine tanins and a long and beautiful finish.

CHENIN BLANC - Demoiselle aux yeux d’or 2018 – Natural sparkling wine
Natural sparkling wine of Chenin Blanc, made with an ancestral method. With the right control of the fermentation, it naturally starts again in the bottle. This is a pure expression of the terroir with small and refreshing bubbles.

ECUME DE SCHIST - Craft beer
Beer brewed from our barley and aged 6 months in our barrels on the lees of Savennières.