Les Vins madame du Closel

ROSE DE LOIRE - Rayon de Soleil 2014 - fruity dry rosé
From our old cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon vines, this elegant and mineral rosé gives us an intense raspberry bouquet.

ANJOU ROUGE - Une Émotion 2013 - Lightly bodied red
Our Anjou Rouge, with about 5 days of maceration of the skins (infusion) with no sulphites and bottled the following spring, takes on a beautiful color of light ruby. The nose is amazingly fresh. 100% cabernet franc, easy to drink.

FINES BULLES - Rosée de l’Aube 2011 - Elegant sparkling rosé
With an old cabernet franc we have produced this very rare, subtle, rosé sparkling for your parties until dawn. It reflects the sun rise on the schisteous hills over the Loire.