Our rare wines

Belle Dame : Dry Chenin, Vin de France

2017 was a terrible year of devastating frost for Savennières and especially for Domaine du Closel (90%).
The chenin blanc of this cuvée migrated from the south of the Loire to Savennières, telling the meeting of a very nice soil of shale from the heart of the earth and the sun of the Loire. He gave birth to this fine and delicate wine like butterfly wing, impertinent, all in citrus aromas.

Rosée de l’Aube : Crémant de Loire rosé

With older veilles vignes of Cabernet Franc, we have produced this very rare, subtle, rosé Crémant for parties until dawn. It reflects the sunrise on the schist hills over the Loire.

Eau de Pluie : Verdelho de Madère, Vin de France

An odd one: The Verdelho de Madère. Legend states that it is a grape variety brought by the Maures in 732, during their invasion. In fact it became very fashionable in Anjou in the 18th century.
This wine has a particular bouquet that turned crazy, amateurs of Savannah (Georgia) in the middle of the 19th century, when the merchant William Neyle Habersham made it, aged in his solarium in corked bottles. Can be drunk right away, fresh as the last rain, or if you dare, just “on the rock” with a zest of lemon! This Verdelho is a blend of light of the Loire and schist of our hills, for the delight of amateurs who like to be surprised.