Our interpretation of the land, the terroir

The first priority of the work that we do (certified by Ecocert and Demeter) is to maintain the biological balance and respect the natural cycles of the ecosystem. Working the soil and leaving natural grasses to grow allows us to respect the ground. Micro-organisms in the ground are active ; oxygen circulates and allows for an optimal exchange between the ground and the vines. This is how we achieve the famous ‘terroir’ effect : a combination of healthy soil, the way it heats up early in the season, vegetal matter, and light.

In September, I taste the grapes ; all deliciously different from one patch to the next, and I decide upon the best date to harvest depending on the style I want. The sweet, perfectly healthy, grape juice begins to ferment with its own indigenous yeast, in the deepest part of the old cellar. It goes at its own rhythm, transforming little by little into wine, revealing a richness and aromatic complexity that fascinates me and which I let express our different wines. For many, long months of natural ageing, the wine feeds on fine lees (dead yeast after fermentation) which gives the wine its roundness, its silky texture and allows it to find its perfect aromatic balance.

The vintages differ year to year with the climate, adding a natural diversity, and making each wine a unique creation, a new equilibrium, secret of beauty and taste.

Evelyne de Pontbriand