The Fief des Vaults is already mentioned in 1495 in our archives, with its vineyard, orchard and garden. Chateau des Vaults was built in the XVII century and remastered in the XIX century. The park with its current design was created around 1850. The property has been in the hands of members of the upper class of Angers and of the prestigious family of Nantes shipowners : The Walsh, Count de Serrant. Later, in the 19th century, the family of Emmanuel de Las Cases, Napoleon’s biographer, inherited the estate. Since that day, the Château des Vaults and the vineyards have been managed by the descendants of Las Cases.

A line of women winemakers had started, first with Marque de Las Cases du Closel. Her niece, Michèle Bazin de Jessey, developed the vineyard and created the company : Les vins Domaine Closel which she has handed down to her two children. The property is currently managed by her daughter, Evelyne de Pontbriand.